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Waterford Township is a charter township in the geographic center of Oakland County, Michigan, United States. Lewis Cass, the third governor of Michigan Territory, established the boundaries of Oakland County in 1819.[10][11] Waterford Township was organized in 1834.[12]. In 1818, Oliver Williams selected land in Oakland County[13] which he purchased for two dollars an acre. Archibald Phillips and Alpheus Williams purchased 161.40 acres (653,200 m2) in what later became Waterford Village.

Got an old car to donate? 

We make donating your used car in Waterford simple and easy.  When you call us to donate a car in Waterford MI, we take on all of the work.  We use local towing services to pick up donated vehicles, so you don't even have to leave your home.  We'll provide you with a receipt for your donation (so you can get the full tax benefits that you deserve for your car donation) and we'll handle all of the details - making it possible for many of your favorite charities to flourish & a deserving family to gain the benefits and independence of having their very own vehicle.

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